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Made in Geislingen

Anything that is “made in Germany” is considered throughout the world to meet high standards of quality. For WMF coffee machines, we have taken this mark of quality to the local level for the commercial coffee machine market. Our mark is “made in Geislingen” – and it proves our dedication to our manufacturing heritage.

We are the leading supplier of coffee passion internationally.

We are committed to delivering reliability. Every machine is put into operation by us and thoroughly checked. It only leaves our factory if it is in impeccable condition. We are always working to optimise our processes, right from the production stage, so that we can continuously drive forward improvements in what we do.

High level of independence from external suppliers

Thanks to our own in-house laser-controlled production of sheet-metal parts, we guarantee the utmost in productivity and accuracy of parts.

An individual behind every machine.

Our employees stake their reputation on each and every process that is involved in making our machines.


Every assembly can be traced precisely to the employee responsible for it. Quality assurance right down to the smallest detail.

Innovation has always been a part of our business.

Still today, our aim is to create moments of surprise and taste experiences to delight any restaurant owner, café worker or coffee lover, using the latest in machine technology. This is possible because we conduct our research and development based on our understanding of ourselves – always with a close eye on the market and a direct link to our customers’ needs.

Pure taste experience

We used a great deal of milk in the process of creating the perfect milk foam. It is not just the consistency we pay attention to – the flavour is one of the most important aspects too.

We see ourselves as a force for good in all things coffee-related.

We have patents for many of our technical innovations, including Plug & Clean, the SteamJet, the Dynamic Milk system, and the WMF espresso. This means that our “made in Geislingen” coffee machines are introducing the world to the utmost in quality.

A simple touch ...

... makes it incredibly simple to prepare coffee. Top-class, intuitive control.

A global movement.

We supply to more than 80 countries. That’s why we are also the internationally leading supplier of fully automated commercial coffee machines. And of coffee passion, of course – because this passion is an indispensable part of who we are, and will continue to be a part of life for us and our customers in the future too.

Around the globe

We operate a tight-knit distribution network that stretches across the entire globe. That means you’re never far from one of our representatives.

WMF | Accessories Catalogue (Not a sale item - for viewing only)
watch_later Sold Out

WMF | Accessories Catalogue (Not a sale item - for viewing only)

R 0.00 

WMF | Milk Pump Cleaner

WMF | Milk Pump Cleaner

R 1,139.00 

WMF | Waeco 2L Fridge/cooler (100612) |
WMF | Waeco 2L Fridge/cooler (100612) |
watch_later Sold Out

WMF | Waeco 2L Fridge/cooler (100612)

R 3,349.00 

WMF | Cooler with 9L capacity

WMF | Cooler with 9L capacity

R 21,199.00 

WMF | 1100s Bean To Cup Coffee Machine
WMF | 1100s Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

WMF | 1100s Automatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

R 85,999.00 

WMF | 1300s Coffee Machine

WMF | 1300s Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

R 102,699.00 

WMF | 1500s+ Coffee Machine
WMF | 1500s+ Coffee Machine

WMF | 1500s+ Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

R 189,699.00 

WMF | Espresso Machine
WMF | Espresso Machine

WMF | Bean to Cup Espresso Machine

R 214,999.00 

WMF | 5000s+ Coffee Machine
WMF | 5000s+ Coffee Machine

WMF | 5000s+ Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

R 229,999.00 

WMF | 9000 S+ Coffee Machine
WMF | 9000 S+ Coffee Machine

WMF | 9000 S+ Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

R 335,699.00 

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