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Nuova Simonelli Prontobar SILENT Bean To Cup Coffee Machine (1 x Grinder)

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar SILENT Bean To Cup Coffee Machine (1 x Grinder)

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The Nuova Simonelli Prontobar SILENT Bean To Cup Coffee Machine is a high-performance machine suitable for demand restaurants, coffee shops, medium-sized offices, and locations where space is limited. The machine is designed to be operated with simplicity, using only one of the six buttons. The Prontobar is made with a durable and intelligent design that makes maintenance quick and easy.

The technology includes a pump that delivers quiet operation and optimizes the texture of the crema and dispensed volume. The metal thermo-compensated delivery group guarantees maximum precision for temperature control, leading to consistent quality. The machine has a variety of smart functions, such as programmable drink buttons, automatic washing programs, and automatic on-and-off time settings.

The Prontobar has a metal brewing group, industry-leading components, and perfect dispensing to produce consistent results of the highest quality. It is energy-efficient with cutting-edge technology and effective components. Nuova Simonelli is a renowned manufacturer of Italian espresso machines, and the Prontobar is one of their exceptional bean-to-cup models. It has an LCD display, USB connection, volumetric dosing system, programmable pre-infusion function, micrometric grinding, steam arm, hot water tap, twin tamping function, stainless steel body, water supply, and mains connection.

The machine also has optional features such as a manual fill water tank and automatic steam arm. The Prontobar is a compact machine that reliably delivers premium coffees with the minimum fuss.


    • Metal brewing group - A thermocompensated group head made from diecast aluminum and stainless steel maximises precision and efficiency, creating ideal conditions for brewing espressos.
    • Industry-leading components - From specialist steel grinders to the inclusion of a new, sound-reducing pump, Nuova Simonelli has fitted the Prontobar with modern, industry-leading features.
    • Perfect dispensing - Whether creating a macchiato or a cappuccino the Nuova Simonelli Prontobar has been designed to produce consistent results of the highest quality. Get true barista-quality drinks from an automatic machine.
    • Eco-Energy Technology - Thanks to the presence of cutting-edge technology and effective components, the Prontobar is an extremely energy-efficient bean-to-cup coffee machine.
    • Professionally designed - As a renowned manufacturer of Italian espresso machines Nuova Simonelli has utilised their years of experience to create a number of exceptional bean-to-cup models, such as the Prontobar.
    • LCD Display
    • USB Connection
    • Volumetric dosing system
    • Programmable pre-infusion function
    • Micrometric grinding
    • Steam arm
    • Hot water tap
    • Twin tamping function
    • Stainless steel body
    Water supply
    • Mains connection

    Why choose Nuova Simonelli?

    Orlando Simonelli made his first coffee machine in 1936, and ever since then, the company that he created has been at the forefront of Italian culture and manufacturing. Such is their standing that since 2008 they have been a technical partner and official supplier for the World Barista Championships.

    Known for its professional espresso machines, the company also produces a number of bean-to-cup machines, such as this one, all of which contain the passion, ingenuity, and technological advancements typically associated with larger, traditional-style models.


    Made by the world-renowned Italian manufacturer of high-end coffee machines Nuova Simonelli, the Prontobar is a superb bean-to-cup coffee machine that reliably delivers premium coffees with the minimum of fuss.

    This is down to Nuova Simonelli’s commitment to quality. Only the best components are used to construct the Prontobar and it is only fitted with advanced features, some of which you would only normally associate with larger, traditional-style machines. One such example is the presence of a thermocompensated metal group head, a rarity for bean-to-cup units, which ensures stable and efficient brewing conditions for a better extraction.

    Other brand-new mechanisms include a redesigned steel grinder and a volumetric pump, both of which improve performance, and a USB slot that allows users to upload and save settings.

    Usability is also key to the Prontobar's popularity: The machine’s subtle design attracts attention to its operating panel, at the heart of which is a clear alphanumeric LCD display.

    With six drink choices and a number of manual features (heated milk, hot water, steam on-demand, etc.), creating your own range of specialty beverages couldn't be easier.

    Thanks to its compact size, countertop design, and usability, the Nuova Simonelli Prontobar lends itself perfectly to a number of sites, including self-serve locations.

    Drink configurations


    Prontobar default button configuration

    • Drink choices: 6
    • Pre-ground coffee chute for decaf etc.
    • 50 to 200 cups of coffee per day
    • Default drink size: 8-12oz
    • Drinks can be made stronger or larger by using the individual espresso, milk, and water buttons
      • e.g: If the default was set at 8oz, 12oz drinks could be created by manually topped up via individual selections. Foamed milk can also be produced by using the steam arm, akin to a traditional espresso machine.


    Beans container 0.8kg
    Grounds drawer 40 pucks
    Weight 36kg
    Dimensions(mm) w330 x d520 x h600
    Power 2000W, 230V, 8.7A


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