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Collection: CIME

CIME was born out of the coming together of experience and science. We are a young and constantly evolving company that puts customer satisfaction at the centre of its corporate philosophy.


We guarantee very high levels of reliability thanks to the experience we have gained over the years and the meticulous design and construction work.


Our espresso machines are made with top quality materials and assembled with a craftsman’s attention to detail for each product.


Creating products that are cutting-edge in every aspect enables us to be able to satisfy a varied clientele with high-performance products at every level.


Thanks to the extensive experience of our technicians and their thirst for keeping up with new technologies, we are able to offer products of the highest level in terms of reliability, durability, and performance.

Another feature of CIME lies in our great production flexibility, allowing us to satisfy the requests of even our most demanding customers.

To date, CIME exports 80% of its production of espresso coffee machines.

This figure is indicative of the extent to which CIME is decidedly oriented toward foreign markets.

In order to position itself in this way, in addition to providing tailor-made products for every need, the entire collection of CIME machines includes “high” versions to enable their use with the famous takeaway cups.

The development of a multifunctional machine such as the CO02, capable of producing espresso to the highest standards using coffee pods or capsules, in addition to classic ground coffee, is finding widespread approval in foreign markets where the versatility of this machine is proving to be its strength.

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