Refund Policy


  • All confirmed/accepted refunds will be processed via an EFT or a reversal of funds via Payfast which will deposit funds make into the account from which payment was made at the time of purchase.
  • may request banking details from the consumer, into which the funds must the transferred. Refunds will be processed without delay as soon as your funds have cleared in our account, this could take up to 72 hours to clear.
  • It is to be noted that EFT’s / reversals may take up to 72 hours to reflect into the account holders account once processed. The speed at which a credit reflects in a consumer's account is not within our control and is dependent on the transfer of funds between banking institutions. Proof of the refund / reversal of funds transaction will be emailed to the consumer as soon as the refund /fund reversal has been processed.
  • Should a consumer make a purchase & decide to cancel due to the purchase having been made in error or the consumer has had a change of mind prior to or after delivery of the order, a 10% admin fee will be deducted from the amount paid by the consumer, to cover banking & admin costs/fees which we have already been charged, the balance of which (Excl. Shipping Fee), will be refunded to the consumer via EFT only once the consumer's funds have been cleared in our account & after the item/s have been received back in good order. As we don't hold stock & ship direct from supplier, most suppliers will impose a restocking fee (Which may range anywhere between 20-25%) for returns, should this be the case, the consumer will be liable for such a cost & will additionally be deducted from any amount to be refunded. In addition, the return of orders, in such instances, will be at the consumers risk & cost. The returned item/s must reach us within 7 working days of receipt of the item/s.

We strongly encourage our clients to ask as many questions as possible prior to placing an order.