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Collection: Sanremo

Thanks to our long-standing experience in this sector, we have learnt to recognise what makes an espresso machine an excellent product and, most of all, we have learnt to make all of our machines worthy of the SANREMO brand.

Our goal is to add a personal touch to every detail, revealing what we stand for so that you are able to see it and experience it with each coffee. Our constant drive for innovation and improvement has always characterised the way we work. This has allowed us, over the years, to get together as a team, to collaborate and learn from each other by boldly answering questions that we would never have even brought up alone. Travelling down roads that have not yet been taken in order to offer the best we can, means never allowing ourselves to be satisfied and to always focus on conquering new goals.

Over the years, every step, every road taken has always led us to experience the present while looking to the future. The knowledge and traditions gained in the past have now allowed us to offer you something that will stay with you, something revolutionary and long-lasting.

In all these years, we have cherished the contribution of all those who have worked not for us but WITH us. We have searched for people who shared our joint vision for creation, with our same drive for future challenges, and we have found people willing to take part in our projects. A simple cup of coffee can bring people together, creating an opportunity to share experiences, talk, a simple courtesy, but it can also express the passion for everyday work: whatever your situation is, we want to assist you in the best way imaginable, offering you the best coffee machine available.


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ZOE 2GR ZOE 2GR Competition ZOE 2GR Tall Competition
SED - Automatic - (This version of the machine allows the doses to be programmed by the user, thanks to a button panel, guaranteeing an electronic dosing system.) Yes Yes Yes
SAP - Semi-Automatic - (The special feature of this type of machine is its semi-automatic programming, in which continuous dispensing is controlled by an on/ off button. Finally, to add a master’s touch, we provide steam taps, which, thanks to an exclusive mix of air and steam, will allow you to make the perfect cappuccino, with no compromises.) No No No
Pre-Infusion - ACTIVATED ELECTRONIC PRE-INFUSION Management of the delayed activation of water solenoid in the first phase of brewing. Yes Yes Yes
Built In Digital Timer Per Group Head No Yes Yes
SHOT TIMER To accurately and reliably time coffee extraction No Yes Yes
LED Lighting No Yes Yes
New Revolution Steam Wands with Cool Touch No Yes Yes
Tall - Accommodates Larger Cup Size No No Yes
ELECTRONIC AUTO-LEVEL Through an electronic level probe the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level. Yes Yes Yes
DOUBLE READING GAUGE Allows to control at the same time the boiler pressure and the distribution pressure. Yes Yes Yes
EASY SERVICE Fast access to the internal parts for quick and easy technical service. Yes Yes Yes
AUTOMATIC CLEANING CYCLE Process for coffee groups cleaning Yes Yes Yes
Height 537mm 537mm 602mm
Tray to Group Head Height 85mm 85mm 140mm
Width 720mm 720mm 720mm
Depth 528mm 528mm 528mm
2 steam taps Yes Yes Yes
1 water tap Yes Yes Yes
1 one-cup filter hoder Yes Yes Yes
2 two-cup filter hoders Yes Yes Yes
Voltage 220-240 220-240 220-240
Steam boiler capacity (Lt) 9 9 9
Pump power - KW 0.15 0.15 0.15
Net weight - Kg 55 55 55
Gross weight (with shipping crate) Kg 59 59 59
Requires Installation Yes Yes Yes
Requires Water Filtration System Yes Yes Yes
Requires dedicated water supply Yes Yes Yes
Requires waste outlet Yes Yes Yes
Requires dedicated Power Supply (220v) Yes Yes Yes



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