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Sanremo | CUBE (R) 1GR Espresso Machine (Onyx Black) - PID - App Enabled

Sanremo | CUBE (R) 1GR Espresso Machine (Onyx Black) - PID - App Enabled

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We present SANREMO CUBE, our new semi-professional one-group machine.
We have translated the complete customization philosophy of the Café Racer project into this new model putting the Sanremo Lifestyle truly within everyone’s reach.
In its simplicity CUBE allows replicating the beloved bar espresso or cappuccino with the perfect emulsion anywhere. Design and technology are combined in many different ways that make this machine ideal for home living, offices and shops, a hotel room… wherever you are.


CUBE_V and CUBE_R are the two versions available of our new machine. While maintaining the same attractive design, CUBE_R differs from the basic version in the presence of a positive displacement pump that allows direct connection to the water mains in addition to the possibility of using the integrated tank. This technology is also reflected in the user display which, in the R model, allows keeping several parameters under control, such as temperature, extraction times and more.

Both versions also share the Energy Saving System, which, thanks to the fully insulated AISI 316 stainless steel boiler and electronic systems that guarantee the possibility of putting the machine on standby when not in use, allows a considerable reduction in consumption. 


In addition to these two technological variants, we have designed three customizable versions to ensure that your CUBE fits into any environment, both professional and domestic. We have called them: A, B and Custom. 

These three different look styles make CUBE perfect for any space, thanks to no less than seven colours and countless combinations. In the B and Custom styles, you can express your personality or brand in full Sanremo lifestyle. CUBE will become an extension of your style both when you offer an espresso to your guests and during a coffee break at work.


Sanremo CUBE is a latest-generation machine, technological and intuitive. The interaction through Web App is in fact simple and fast and allows anyone, professionals or not, to view and interact simply with all the parameters of the machine: from the water temperature to the statistics up to the programming in time slots to suit the lifestyle of the user. Our app works from both smartphones and computers and allows managing multiple machines simultaneously.  


  • 1.9L heat exchanger boiler stainless steel AISI 316
  • Selectable water supply from internal tank or home main line
  • 1.8L internal water tank
  • E61 themosiphon group with mechanical pre-infusion
  • High-performance volumetric pump rated 54L/h
  • Boiler power 1500W/230Vac - 1300W/120Vac
  • Energy Saving System
  • WiFi connection with Web App
  • Complete set of accessories for user experience
    • Fully insulated boiler to improve heating efficiency.
    • Line/Pump pressure gauge.
    • Boiler pressure gauge.
    • Removable internal water reservoir with integrated protection cover and anti-drip valve. Rounded internal edges for an easier cleaning.
    • Internal spillover basin made in high resistance plastic and completely closed to protect user and internal components.
    • Strong three positions “main-close-tank” tap to select input water supply.
    • Removable drip tray with drain tube.
    • Stainless Steel cup frame.
    • Adjustable legs.
    • Cold Touch steam wand with “Purge” function.
    • Hot water wand with removable nozzle for an easier cleaning.
    • Electronic thermal management with SSR (Solid State Relay) with PID algorithm to achieve high thermal stability and reactivity.
    • Electronic diagnostic for fault detection.
    • High efficiency led panel for:
      • Machine ON/OFF
      • Machine ready/heated up
      • Water tank level with pre-alarm/alarm indicator
  • Green mindset: Cube is compliant to the “Ecodesign” European directive 2009/125/EC for home appliances.
  • Connected. With an internal WiFi module it’s possible to connect a smartphone to the machine using our WebApp with point-to-point or cloud communication. WiFi module integrates OTA technology (OverTheAir) WiFi module integrates OTA technology (OverTheAir) which allow an easy software update for WiFi module using web connection.

What is PID? - The Basics:

If you've been following along with us, you probably know that temperature is extremely important to brewing coffee. While different brew methods and roasts demand different temps, stability is key. PID controllers help ensure that stability. Machines without these devices often use a simple thermostat that isn't as accurate as a PID controller. By comparison, a machine with PID control monitors itself to ensure temperature stability and control.

PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative. Quite a mouthful! On a basic level, a PID controller uses the PID algorithm to determine the best way to control whatever process it's used for. PID controllers are used in a wide range of industrial applications, in our case, it controls the temperature in your espresso machine!

A traditional thermostat has a tendency to hit the desired temp, then turn off the heating element as the temp rises above its target. Then it'll kick back on as the temperature falls below the target. This results in uneven temperatures that can result in inconsistent shot quality in an espresso machine. There are ways to mitigate this with many machines, but it often means learning how to ride the temperature wave with your specific machine. This may require timing the heat-up time precisely or running water through the group head before pulling a shot.

PID controllers use the PID algorithm to keep your machine at the proper brew temperature. This also means that you can directly control the temperature of the machine. While not true in every case, PID controllers are usually visible on the machine. They also usually feature control buttons to increase or decrease the brewing temperature. While this won't matter for most, for some home baristas, experimenting with different roasts and temps is key!

    WiFi module through our WebApp, amplify and simplify interaction with Cube and Cube_R machines.
    CUBE App allow user to scroll over different functions:

    1. Remote machine on/off
    2. Set-up boiler temperature for CUBE_R
    3. Manage water tank level
    4. Enable and manage water filter signaling.
      1. Available two different counters:
        1. Expiry in time: simple to use, suitable for water tank
        2. Expiry in volume: perfect for when the machine is connected to the mainline supply, calculates the total volume of water consumption.
    5. Show shot time in real-time
    6. Statistics: daily, weekly and monthly counters for coffee and water consumption.
    7. Weekly scheduler to program up to three different “time slots” per day to fit perfectly around your life!

    List of accessories contained in each package:

    • single portafilter
    • double portafilter
    • two single filters (7, 8 gr)
    • two double filters (14, 16 gr)
    • blind filter
    • cleaning brush
    • tamper
    • cleaning cloth
    • 35ml jug
    • Sanremo bag
    • instruction booklet
    • water supply inlet pipe,
    • drain hose clamp and drain pipe (only CUBE_R)


    • Width: ____________ mm 323
    • Depth: ____________ mm 465
    • Height: ____________ mm 369
    • Weight (CUBE): ____ Kg 22,7
    • Weight (CUBE_R): __ Kg 26,5

    *Available in Black or White (Pricing on request for custom or colour options on the Cube.)

    Product Technical Catalogue available HERE


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